Angelo Shcebici

Rest in Peace

Angelo Schibeci
 Lipari, Italy 11 June 1943 -- 20 April 2019 Liverpool, NSW

It is with regret that we inform you of the passing of Angelo.  He suffered a severe stroke and died a few days later.

Angelo Schibeci was one of the pioneers of neurofeedback in Australia.  He began his journey into neurofeedback in 1996 after Josephine showed him an email she had received. His creative and inquisitive mind was stimulated by a new and interesting concept.

His actual training began when he attended the initial workshops in 1997 run by Sue and Siegfried Othmer and Barry Sterman and by attending the annual conference in Sydney of the then newly formed Australian Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAAPB).  Like most of us who entered the field at this time, Angelo began to apply the neurofeedback protocols developed by Sue Othmer using Thought Technology’s ProComp+ encoder with Biograph software.

It is ironic that the first client Angelo used Neurofeedback with 20 years ago was himself a stroke patient.

Angelo was one of the first people in Australia to embrace the use of Quantitative EEG analysis of brain function to guide the application of neurofeedback with his clients, shortly after Barry Sterman ran his workshop in Brisbane in 1998 and introduced Australia to the concept of QEEG’s.  Angelo related well to the American lecturers who came to Australia to teach these concepts such as Barry Sterman and Jay Gunkelman and eventually formed collegial friendships with them and was highly regarded by them.  Angelo developed his expertise during the ensuing years and became one of the pre-eminent experts in QEEG analysis in Australia and trained many practitioners in how to gather and analyse QEEG data.

Angelo actually began his professional career as a Biochemist.  He gained his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Guelph and worked in Biomedical research and taught in several Universities and Hospitals both in Canada and US. When he returned to Australia he taught and did research at La Trobe University.
He became interested in Psychology when conducting research with rats and having his results confounded by a lab assistant who befriended certain rats and would hold them and stroke them.  He wondered whether patting and touch would have such an impact on his experimental results. His colleagues, being strict Biochemists did not believe that patting the rats would have an effect. Angelo, being the scientist he was needed to enquire further. He went to the library and found that psychologists had conducted much research on the effects of “touch” on the immune system and much more. He thought of working with psychologists on other research but felt that it may be difficult as Biochemists and Psychologist speak a different language. Hence, he decided to study psychology.

When he announced to his supervisor that he intended to leave science his supervisor felt that Angelo would be wasting his brilliant career. His supervisor tried to persuade him to remain in science and suggested that if Angelo could write up a paper supporting an aging professor’s work that he would be made Associate-Professor. Angelo valued the pursuit of truth and appalled hypocrisy.  Furthermore, as he felt science was beginning to be corrupted or manipulated by vested corporate interests his disillusion increased. He chose Psychology instead.

Angelo contributed greatly to our field in many other ways as well.  He supported Josephine in her role as President of the AAAPB and was a member of various committees over many years including the joint AAAPB/ iSNR committee which spent many, many hours in discussions to formulate the policies and procedures and the constitution to create ANSA.  He also served on the committee which established the Australasian branch of the BCIA and served as Treasurer for a number of years.  Because of his knowledge and his friendly demeanour, Angelo was highly respected by the members of ANSA and BCIA.  He presented at AAAPB, iSNR, and ANSA conferences and ran training workshops for those new to the field.  

Angelo had an amazing intellect, a quick wit, and a mischievous sense of humour.  His impish smile suggested that he was just about to do or say something insightful and delightful.  Angelo was very generous person, freely giving his time and attention to the many clients he saw as a Psychologist.  He often gave those who couldn’t afford his services sessions for a small fee or for free, sacrificing his income for their welfare.  He improved many people’s lives through his gentle, caring, expert service.

He will be sadly missed.
Arrivederci Angelo.

NB:  Josephine has established a Foundation to continue the work Angelo and Terry Cook began in Sydney to investigate the best ways to use QEEG’s to develop protocols to treat TBI and stroke victims.  Donations can be made to:
The Grace Sophia Private Foundation
BSB  034229
Account Number:  159445

Terry Eichmann


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