Pre-requisite Educational Requirements

Pre-requisite Education

This certification is open to professionals who can document a BA/BS degree from clinical health care areas including, but not limited to, psychology, nursing (includes all licensed RNs), counseling, and therapy who hold a degree from a regionally-accredited academic institution (an Accredited Institution of Post-secondary Education as determined by the American Council on Education).  For a complete list of accepted health care degrees, read more.... 

If you do not have a health care degree that fits the stated requirements, you may wish to consider the Technician Level Certification.

Upon completion of these requirements, you will earn the designation Board Certified in Biofeedback or BCB™.  Biofeedback certification includes peripheral modalities such as EMG, temperature skin conductance, HRV, and respiration training. 

License for Independent Practice 

When treating a medical or psychological disorder, you are required to hold a current license/credential issued by the state in which you practice in a BCIA-approved health care field. Without this license/credential, you must agree to work under the legal supervision of an appropriately-credentialed health care professional when working with a medical or psychological disorder.  This supervisor should have training and experience with biofeedback and clinical experience with the populations and disorders being treated.  This does not apply to those who work only in peak/optimal performance.  For further clarification, please read this document.

International Applicants

BCIA welcomes appropriately licensed/credentialed health care professionals from any country or region outside the United States and Canada.  Read more....

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