Non-Certified Mentor

BCIA requires that candidates for certification receive clinical skills training provided by an approved mentor. To serve as a BCIA approved mentor, one must be BCIA certified in the appropriate certification area and be in active clinical practice a minimum of two years with expertise that is specific to the areas of interest of the intended candidate. Board certification of the mentor is preferred, but we understand that at times there may be a special circumstance where seeking training from a non-certified person may be preferred.

Individuals wishing to provide the clinical skills training who are not BCIA Board certified may use this application to apply for approval by special review. This process looks for equivalency of education, training and experience of the mentor. Mentors must follow the Guidelines & Policies for Mentoring Candidates for the specific certification program.

Please submit the following information for review when applying to become a non-certified mentor:

  1. Completed application
  2. A copy of your license to practice
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Check for $100 payable to BCIA or $25 for potential mentors who are certified in one area and wish to provide mentoring in another.  For example, a BCN has previous training and experience in biofeedback and wishes to provide mentoring in new applicants seeking that certification.

Upon completion of the review, the candidate will be notified of the outcome. The review process takes 3 - 4 weeks. Please plan accordingly. Please be aware that this review examines the qualifications of the mentor for this request only. This does not imply approval to provide BCIA mentoring in the future, nor is the review a substitute for certification of the mentor. We would highly recommend that a non-certified clinical training mentor apply for BCIA certification using the Certification by Prior Experience program.

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